Children's Martial Arts Classes in Sarasota, Florida

Beginning at four years old, our progressive curriculum and music nurture your little one’s growing abilities. Our instructor serves as your guide, as you and your child work together on basic motor and social skills. Together, you will practice a variety of gentle moves that help develop your child’s balance, body awareness and coordination. And the accompanying music helps your child develop rhythm while stimulating the parts of the brain involved in reading and math.

Age-appropriate gymnastics are incorporated to increase strength, flexibility and coordination as they grow. And early socialization and cognitive exercises are introduced. All designed to prepare them for the months and years to come.

Kids Capoeira Classes

Capokids, with our unique use of Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art, combines gymnastics, music, Portuguese and intruments teaches a child to fall safely and get up quickly, our Parent/Child classes prepare them for an active childhood and a healthy active life.

Call us today at 941.922.4520 and find out how you can enroll your child in our kids capoeira classes today!

Strengthen Family Bonds

Take classes together and be involved as your child learns valuable motor coordination and social skills for the future.

Reading & Math Skills

The accompanying music helps kids develop rhythm and also stimulates the parts of their brain involved with math and reading.

Healthy Active Lifestyle

Combining gymnastics and music, kids learn how to fall safely so they can get back up and enjoy a rewarding, active life.