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CapoKids - After School, Summer Camp, Preschool & More!
After School


The CapoKids Martial Arts Program is structured!
1 hour Maritial Arts,Music,Gymnastics and FUN Physical Activites
then it is home work time so after 6pm is

Family Time!

CapoKid's After-School Programs

Sarasota & Lakewood Ranch
we pick up daily!

The spaces are limited and can be reserved on a first come first served basis.

941-922-4520 we are here for you and your family!

Register Online Click Here

 Sarasota Schools: 

Ashton Phillipi Shores - Southside - 

 - Brentwood -

Lakewood Ranch Schools:

Willis - Braden River - McNeal - Pinacle - Gullet


Summer Camp / Day Camps


Thanks to all the parents who believed our camp

is the best for their children. We won't disappoint.

CapoKids Summer of FUN 

Camp 2016

Now enrolling for

CapoTots 3 years- 5 years 

Capokids 6 years- 11 years

Both locations are already almost at full capacity. Available spaces are posted next to each program.

Enrollment on first come first serve basis!

2 locations to serve you better

Sarasota & Lakewood Ranch 


Sarasota Camp Dates


CapoTots (3-5) 2 Spaces left!

Entering kindergarten or younger

1 week of camp June 6-June 10

Session 1 June 13-June 24

Session 2 June 27-July 8th

Session 3 July 11-July22

Session 4 July 25-August 5 

1 week of camp August 8-August 12


Capokids (6-11) 4 Spaces left!

Has completed kindergarten or older

1 week of camp June 6-June 10

Session 1 June 13-June 24

Session 2 June 27-July 8th

Session 3 July 11-July22

Session 4 July 25-August 5 

Session 5 August 8-August 19

LWR Camp Dates

CapoTots (3-5) 3 Spaces left!

Entering kindergarten or younger

1 week of camp June 6-June 10

Session 1 June 13-June 24

Session 2 June 27-July 8th

Session 3 July 11-July22

Session 4 July 25-August 5 

Capokids (6-11) 2 Spaces left!

Has completed Kindergarten or older

Session 1 June 13-June 24

Session 2 June 27-July 8th

Session 3 July 11-July22

Session 4 July 25-August 5 

Camp Hours


Before and after-care available upon request 7:30AM-6PM

Call 941-922-4520 or email

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The most FUN Camp in town. Your Kids will love you for putting them in camp this year

Week 1    All About Me
               Campers will learn about what they like and dislike and 
               who is in charge of their happiness and their attitude. 
               Good Character
               Making the right choice
Week 2    Giving 100%
               In all I do
               I am BOLD, STRONG & COURAGEOUS 
               I am a leader,I do the right thing and
               I help others do what is right too! 


Much More than Martial Arts, Capoeira has it all!
We will help your child get fit and strong this Summer all while developing a positive mental attitude towards their life.
The CapoKids Campers learn how to support each other while being positive and motivating friends. At CapoKids we teach
life skill about Character and how to be the best you possible. While your child is striving to be their best they will be encouraged
by their peers and Camp Counselors to succeed! We are a group at CapoKids and we teach each that everyone is a part of the 
group. CapoKids teaches how to respect your friends and teachers all while having a blast learning new things. This is life 
changing because when a child starts they do not know how to do the movements and sing the songs-  through encouragement from peers and positive influence from the Camp counselors your child will develop an I can do it attitude that will serve them for life!
Daily when your child is in the Academy they will be involved in Fun 1/2 hour classes:

Kick Classes
Acrobatic Classes
Music Classes
Portuguese Classes
Arts Classes
Stick Fighting Classes
Grappling Classes
Sports Classes
Character development Classes
Each class is held in one of our air conditioned 3500 sq ft facilities.  Your child will be with highly qualified instructors who train daily under Mestre Rony & Ms Cheri.The combined experience of Mestre & Ms Cheri  in Capoeira of 50 years! We understand that your child's safety is our #1 priority.All our staff has background checks with local police and the FBI. Both the CapoKids Facilities are licensed Childcare Centers this means our schools are safe and our staff is the best.  We want to create a love for exercise that will last your child a life time.

Since 2000, CapoKids FUN Camps have exploring Sarasota's funniest places to be on our awesome daily field trips to:

Local Parks

Jump in Fun

Bounce Down Under

Laser Tag 
Stardust Skating
YMCA WaterPark

And much, much more...
Preschool age Children do not attend field trips. 

This year, our After School Program and Preschool Programs are the biggest we've had so far and most of them will attend our summer camp! The spaces are filling up fast, so contact us as soon as possible if you are interested in giving your child the best experience this summer! We have daily classes to see if CapoKids is a good fit for your child. Call to schedule a free camp tryout today. 941-922-4520 Ms Cheri

The children keep coming back and it fills up really fast. Take a look on what some of the kids have to say about our Camps:

"I learn something new every day"

"The field trips are the best"

"I got to see good friend and I love the teachers"

"The instruments and the music are my favorite"

"I love when we learn the flips"

Our expert instructors fill each 1/2 hour of the camp with fitness and fun. When they are not having fun with the class, they are out on one of our fun field trips. Arts and crafts engage them. And group activities, snack time and special events give them time to interact and build their social skills - all in a non-competitive, nurturing environment.

Now Enrolling for the Summer of FUN Camp 2014


As you strive to give your children the best foundation for success, Capo Kids is here to help you along the way. After decades of research and hands-on experience, Capo Kids has been training kids to be more structured, disciplined, focussed, and respectful. It's the healthiest and funnest way for your child to spend his/her day or afternoon.

From this well developed program your child will gain self-confidence, strength mentally and physically, self-discipline, and develop an “I can” attitude. They will be encouraged to have good grades in school and a good attitude at home. They will become more flexible and coordinated. It will also keep their minds occupied instead of going straight to the television or the game boy.



CapoKids The Martial Arts Preschool
Now Enrolling
Sarasota & Lakewood Ranch 
Summer of FUN Camp 2015
Fall 2015-2016 

We are so proud that The CapoKids Preschool received a rating of 100% from VPK by The Flordia Department of Education!
Thanks to Ms Nina & Ms Jeanne

KICK START your child's education!

            The intention of CapoKids Preschool is to give children a love for learning that will last them a lifetime.
Children are given the opportunity to create, explore and grow through rich experiences that are based on their unique interests, strengths and learning styles.

            Communication and team work are an integral part of the program. Children, teachers and families will work together to determine the most
effective learning environments and materials. We want to encourage “life-long” learners in our program by providing on-going educational opportunities,
materials and research to our teachers and families. Our teachers will use The Creative Curriculum as a guide for developing their learning environments.
Materials and instruction are developmentally age-appropriate. Children will be exposed to both child-initiated and teacher directed activities throughout the day.
Daily schedules will provide the opportunity for children to work in individual, small and large group settings. Our teachers will celebrate each child’s successes and promote an “I can” attitude. Skills related to social and emotional growth as well as communication will be integrated into all interactions and activities
throughout the day.


Summer FUN Camp

This year will be great we have teachers and CITs that have been with us 8-10 years we know it will be an amazing year!!! Children return to the CapoKids  FUN Camps year after year even until they become the teachers, you know it is a good time when children want to come back. Your child will have the time of their life. We believe in making a difference in children's lives and we really can see that happen!!

All staff is CPR & First Aid Certified! All Staff have been background checked through the FBI!

Call us today @ 941-922-4520 to find out how your child can tryout and see what the CapoKids are about.  Contact us today!

The academies are located at SARASOTA 4672 McIntosh Ln, Sarasota, FL, 34232 &
LAKEWOOD RANCH 11534 Palmbrush Trail  Bradenton, Fl 34202. Set up an appointment to see if you child qualifies to attend one of our programs!

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