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Children's Martial Arts Classes, Afterschool, Summercamp and Preschool in Sarasota, Florida

Capoiera Classes

Beginning at four years old, our progressive curriculum and music nurture your little one’s growing abilities. Together, you will practice a variety of gentle moves that help develop your child’s balance, body awareness and coordination. Children develop rhythm while stimulating the parts of the brain involved in reading and math.


The CapoKids Martial Arts Program is structured! 1 hour Martial Arts, Music, Gymnastics and FUN Physical Activities. Then, there is homework time. After 6pm, it's Family Time!

Summer Camp

This Summer Camp is turning out to be the biggest and the best one ever! After 17 years of experience our teachers and counselors are ready to provide your child<br /> with the best time throughout the whole summer.


The CapoKids Martial Arts Preschool received a rating of 100% from VPK by The Florida Department of Education!

Where the FUN happens!

From preschool to classes and camps, our facility was designed to be a fun place for all.

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CapoKids Capoiera

We want to encourage “life-long” learners in our program by providing fun and encouraging classes. Our teachers will use The Volta Ao Mundo Curriculum as a guide for developing your child’s Capoeira skills. Materials and instruction are developmentally age-appropriate. Daily classes will provide the opportunity for children to work in individual, small and large group settings.

Meet Our Staffs

Professional team that aims to respect your child’s feelings, to give them responsibility,independence and freedom to make choices.

Ricardo Spencer

Ricardo Spencer

Assistant Teacher

Fanny Greer

Fanny Greer

Assistant Teacher

Rhoda Byrd

Rhoda Byrd


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